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I apologize to anyone who saw the previous entry (it was up for maybe a half hour, but I deleted it.)

Yeah... in a terrible mood... got kinda crazy

sorry sean


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*points and luaghs at mitch*
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teh schedule

1 - Health w/ Feuer
2 - A Study Hall w/ Rosenzweig
C Biology Lab w/ Clayton
BD Gym w/ Howe
3 - Drawing & Painting 1 w/ Fiato
4 - Lunch
5 - Global 10R w/ Miller
6 - Biology R w/ Clayton
7 - Math B1 w/ Palumbo
8 - English 10R w/ Mercado

I have no clue who Clayton or Miller is, tell me if you've had them or if they're good.
I'm relatively happy with it... I didn't get any of the teachers I hated, and I got Ms. Mercado, but I REALLY wanted Ms. Rapa. eh, but you win some you lose some.

Let me know if you're in anything with me.
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Okay, so I got my digital camera today. The one I was gonna get ended up looking like a peice of shit, so I got a different one - which is awesome. I read all the instructions and played around with it and I've got it figured out.
I took some more pictures of my puppy, so tell me what you think!

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